Effective Selling - Professional Services

Effective Selling - Professional Services

1. Map of Marketing  and Sales Process


2. Need for Vision

  • To be the leading law firm in Australia:
  • Marketing, sales and operating processes all need to be framed with a purpose in mind.
  • This aspiration governs everything that the firm does.

What does "leading" mean?

  • Owners
  • 30% return on revenue
  • Clients
  • Research confirms firm seen by major corporates as best supplier of consulting services
  • Staff
  • Research confirms that firm seen by all levels of staff as the best place to work

3. Role of Positioning

  • What industries?
  • What companies? (large, medium, small)
  • What clients?
  • What services?
  • A lot of choices

4. Importance of Differentiation

  • Differentiation based on our assets
  • People
  • Know-how (consulting, industry, issue, thought leadership, etc.)
  • Processes and systems
  • Style
  • Track record
  • Customer relationships
  • Brand - reputation

Which ones do we choose and why?

5. Role of Values

  • The brand is a result of
  • What we do (products/services)
  • How we do it (behaviours)
  • So every professional has a chance to enhance or dilute the brand with every client interaction
  • Consistent behaviours with clients is a key feature of every world class professional services firm

6. High Level Process Map


7. Account Management

  • Greater focus on customer's business
  • Focus on understanding customer organisation and developing relationships
  • Uniform process for planning and managing all accounts
  • Pragmatic and system process for identifying biggest profit improvement areas, developing competitive solutions and cost-effective plans
  • Focus on priorities
  • Teamwork approach

Aim: To increase customer satisfaction and to identify solutions which grow customer’s business

9. Standard Account Management Tools

  • Account Planning Tool
  • Addressing all the business you do with the account
  • One plan per account (very large organisations may justify more than one plan)
  • Update and review quarterly
  • Customer Satisfaction Scorecard
  • Identifying major improvement areas
  • Update and review as appropriate
  • Opportunity Planning Tool
  • Managing specific pieces of potential business (bids and prospects)
  • One plan per significant sales opportunity within the account
  • Continual update and review process

Success through anticipating and meeting customer needs better.

10. Account Management – Summary


11. Bid Management


12. Sales Management


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